Stuart Jackson

Professeur, École d'ingénieur, Macquarie University

+61 2 9850 9137



Affiliations professionnelles

Macquarie University

Stuart Jackson -Network

Prof Jackson’s contributions to the field of mid-infrared fibre lasers span the entire discipline. He has made significant contributions in fundamental glass spectroscopy, the science and engineering of optical fibre fabrication, the invention and demonstration of fibre lasers and the application of fibre lasers in medicine, defence and nonlinear optics. He created the first high power mid-infrared fibre laser that is now central to many medical, defence and industrial applications and he continues to make breakthroughs in this area.

Projets en cours

Laser emission at the limit of glass transparency using nanocrystal doping

SmartCrete CRC

All integrated mid-infrared fiber lasers

Extending fibre laser technology into the mid-infrared for emerging applications in medicine, defence and manufacturing

Precision frequency spectrum diagnostic for pulsed lasers

Pushing the limits: producing optimally short pulses at long wavelengths

Ultrafast mid-infrared fiber laser systems

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