Research axes

Photonic Materials

This axis is fundamental in nature as it underpins all of the others. In essence, mastering the properties of materials is at the very core of all technologies. This is particularly true in the area of optics and photonics where waves and matter interact intimately. The interest here lies in the basic properties of materials (transparency, birefringence, photosensitivity).

One of the challenges will be to extend the transparency range from the UV to the infrared by optimizing synthesis processes. Another challenge relates to material geometry and shaping into a thin film, a fiber or another form. We also study new properties discovered at the nanometer scale. This axis benefits from the expertise of Professor Messaddeq, a world-renowned specialist in vitreous materials and the holder of the Canada Excellence Research Chair in photonic innovations.

Procédé MCVD au COPL
by Nicolas Grégoire, Université Laval

Head of research

Younès Messaddeq

Professeur titulaire, Université Laval


Research Themes


Mid-infrared materials


Multifunctional nanoscale materials


New materials by 3D printing

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