Infrastructures and laboratories

École de technologie supérieure – ÉTS

The École de technologie supérieure is part of the Université du Québec network. Specialized in teaching and research in applied engineering, and in technology transfer, it trains engineers and researchers recognized for their practical and innovative approach.
Since its creation in 1974, ÉTS has pursued a mission that is well anchored in all its activities: to meet the needs of the industrial sector, which requires engineers with not only an excellent theoretical background but also practical knowledge. To do so, the school maintains a unique partnership with the business world and industry, both large companies and SMEs. It clearly sets itself apart from other Quebec universities by the applied training it provides to future engineers and by its research activities, conducted in collaboration with and for businesses.


Communications and Microelectronic Integration Laboratory

The LACIME covers a broad range of captivating fields, ranging from the tiniest devices and circuits to the most complex land and satellite communication and navigation systems, and brings together world-renowned researchers, who are assisted by a team of students, trainees and professionals using and operating cutting-edge tools to carry out innovative and highly translational research in those fields.

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PHotonics Innovation Lab

The laboratory is interested in specialty optical fiber design, spatial multiplexing for next generation optical communications, optical vector beams, fiber optic sensors, biophotonics and biomedical devices.

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Network Technology Lab

This world-class optical network physical layer infrastructure consists of 20 network nodes fully equipped with WDM transmission systems, a 100G DP-QPSK/BPSK 100Gbit/s coherent system, a WDM optical recirculating loop, and a testbed for guided optics devices.

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ETS-UQAM Joint Microtechnology and Microsystems Lab (Micro²)

Research at the Microtechnology and Microsystems Lab (Micro²) is focused on the development of advanced microsystems that will be used in tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies. The rapid evolution of electronics has transformed the world and brought us into the information age. To support the digital revolution, integrated circuits will evolve to include mechanical, electrical, and optical functionalities at several scales (micro, nano). These integrated systems will be used to monitor, control, process and transmit information about their environment.

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