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His research works are divided into two axes; fiber optic based sensors and the application and integration of photonic crystals and circuits.

The first axis focuses on the development and application of new fiber optic sensors, mainly of a distributed nature, such as through the use of incoherent Bragg gratings (FBGs), a technology developed in recent years in the group of Prof. Raman. Kashyap’s group. This research incorporates the development of new techniques for the functionalization of optical fibers, which includes the writing of FBGs, the development of complete sensor systems (optical circuits) and the demonstration of such sensors in new applications.

Its second axis focuses on integrated photonics, photonic crystals and some applications of Bragg gratings. Among other things, hes intends to explore new types of devices in optics and THz based on new fabrication techniques, i.e. laser writing of waveguides and high resolution 3D printing.


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