Patrizio Antici

Professor, INRS - ÉMT

514 2286911

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Professional Affiliations

INRS, Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre

Research axes

Lasers and Ultra-fast Phenomena

Ongoing projects

Professor Antici current research projects are focused on the setup and improvement of laser-driven proton and electron beamlines for several applications. Each project is targeting a different field of application, ranging from nanoscience and nanotechnology, to biomedicine, femtochemistry and material science. Projects are performed in collaboration with other leading groups in the domain. In particular the projects concentrate on the following main research activities :

1. Ultra-brilliant and ultra-short table-top proton beamlines and applications
2. Femtosecond Sub-atomic scale Resolved Electron Diffraction
3. Ultra-compact, ultra-short laser-based Free Electron Laser

Ongoing research project
iPATTI (innovative Particle Acceleration Techniques, Technologies and Instrumentation)

The project aims at establishing an experimental station dedicated to laser acceleration of protons and the use of these particles for innovative applications. It includes:

  1. a specific experimental chamber for proton acceleration by laser with auxiliary systems
  2. an energy production bench capable of confining the plasma and improving the acceleration of the particles, offering an innovative aspect to the infrastructure

The Proton Experimental Station will enable research in a variety of multidisciplinary fields and, as described in the application, will have potential benefits in several areas: new biomedical applications, contribution to studies of inertial confinement fusion, study of hot dense matter, laboratory astrophysics, materials science, and finally the study of hybrid gas pedals and the coupling of laser-generated particles to conventional accelerator structures to improve the characteristics.

Research teams

To learn more about Professor Antici’s research team and graduate project offerings, visit his page: INRS – Patrizio Antici